Seeja Review

The skincare cream was favorably received when released within the early part of 2010 by fashion and health & beauty magazines alike. All Sejaa ingredients are 100% natural, free from any parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. Sejaa formulas don’t contain synthetic preservatives and employ only cosmetic-grade emulsifiers. While every one of the Sejaa merchandise is ideal for all skin tones, the Sejaa Mud Therapy for this is best for Normal-to-Oily kinds of skin along with the Sejaa Day Cream and Night Cream goods are more designed for Normal-to-Dry skin tones.


Whilst the goods works on the high concentration of certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients atlanta divorce attorneys treatment, and use cold-pressed, certified organic plant oils as the base, it's not necessarily certified 100% organic. It is due to them not exclusively using certified organic ingredients, because the organic certifications vary a lot and also this would affect the purity, quality and consistency on the products.

The Sejaa Pureskin Care Kit


Each package with the skincare product contains Sejaa Day Cream, a daytime moisturizer containing protective antioxidants and skin-softening active botanicals, including aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba and argan oils.


Sejaa Night Cream containing hydrating jojoba and safflower seed oils which assist potent botanical extracts of green tea and ginseng to help restore your skin overnight.


The ultimate component could be the Sejaa Mud Mask to detoxify skin and gaze after a clear complexion using this treatment’s combination of natural clays and glycerin which draws impurities from deep within the skin, whist helping the skin retain organic and natural moisture.

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